We are so pleased to announce the opening of our second location in Louisville, CO!  We at Mother Tucker Brewery believe in sharing, and as such felt it would be selfish not to share our philosophy of beer with our neighbors around Colorado. Our Louisville location will offer the same great beer Mother Tucker patrons have come to love and expect over the last few years.  With all of our beers brewed on site using only locally sourced ingredients, we hope to offer the Mother Tucker experience to everyone in and around the Louisville area!

It has certainly been a long road traveled to get to this point, and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to share the continuation of our journey with you! Cheers, we’ll see you soon!


~ In Louisville ~

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cream Ale

The OG seasonal champion! Come get some!!

ABV – 5.7%

Pale Rider

Our MTB Pale Ale is nothing to be afraid of. It’s of a slightly sweeter variety, and sure to delight!

ABV – 6.7%

Rye Doppelbock

Our rich, malty Rye Doppelbock is just what you need to fend off the Winter chills!

ABV – 6.8%

Belgian Tripel Ale

Not for the faint of heart, our MTB Belgian Tripel takes the average expectation and dials it up to 11, literally!

ABV – 11%

Peppermint Blonde

Our MTB Blonde brewed with peppermint to start spreading the holiday cheer!

ABV -5.3%

New Brew Coming Soon!

ABV – %

Viking Juice Braggot Ale

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Mead! It’s a Beer! It’s a Mead Beer! 

…and it’s delicious!

ABV – 11.1%

White Dynamite Blonde Stout

The definition of outside the box, our Blonde Stout has hints of delectable sweetness and subtle smokiness. It’s one in a million!

ABV – 6.1%

The Hopper

This stellar Hefeweizen is hoppy on the outside, and sweet on the inside. Just like it’s namesake.

ABV – 6.5%

Mexican Amber Lager

This crisp, easy drinking brew has all the flavor you could want from an Amber!

ABV – 5.1%

Colorado IPA

IPA, the 303 way!

ABV – 5.7%

German Hefeweizen

First of our Flagship 5! Not to mention a truly beautiful wheat beer!

ABV – 5.4%

New England IPA

Hazy. Bold. Liquid embodiment of the spirit of ’76. ‘Nuff said.

ABV – 5.7%


Extra Special Bitters. More like Ever So Bold! You have to taste it to understand!

ABV – 5.8%

Honey Cream Ale

  1. Local honey + classic cream ale = Magic in a glass!

ABV – 5.9%

Brown Sugar Blonde Ale

The last of our Flagship 5! Try it, you wont regret it!

ABV – 5.8%

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